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Behavioral Modification Program


This is a six week course consisting of 5 total sessions.  The first three sessions being three days in a row about an hour and a half each day.  The fourth session is 3 weeks after the initial sessions and the fifth is three weeks after the fourth  making this a six week process.  You can expect to learn how to properly communicate with your dog as well as how to correct correctly.  You will have started balancing the mindset with creating a proper fight or flight response in your dog.  Your dog will be off leash reliable regardless of distractions which in itself creates a psychological mindset of “I make the rules and you follow them”.  Of course with off leash reliability comes proper leash reliability as well.  This program is me teaching and advising you on how to handle and rehabilitate your own dogs behavioral issues.

Board & Train

Your dog comes and lives with me for a period of 3 weeks.  I fix the “engine” and teach you how to maintain and reinforce what was taught.  Many people have come to believe that they need to be involved in the training for it to be effective.  Not true.  I have apprenticed under a police dog trainer the last 5 years and what occurs is that the professional trainer, trains the dog and the officer learns how to handle the trained dog.  There are 5 transfer sessions to teach you how to handle your newly trained dog.  The first 3 sessions are 3 days in a row after your dog is delivered to you.  The fourth is 3 weeks after the initial sessions and the fifth is 3 weeks after the fourth.  You have unconditional access to me during the training process as well as a lifetime commitment to you and your dog after the process.  Your dog also is now able to board with me if you ever need to leave your dog while on vacation or business.  I only board past client dogs that have gone through the board and train.  What I work on during the three weeks is the disease as opposed to the symptoms.  The disease is usually lack of communication and leadership.  I teach off leash reliability which balances the fight or flight instinct as well as proper leash manners.  With creating a psychological mindset of “I make the rules and you follow them”, you will see all behaviors cease to exist.  I don’t work on obedience as this is a sport made by man and is not how you go about modifying behavior.  I teach them to follow my energy and when I stop they stop, when I go, they go.  I will teach you how we have been duped the last 100 years believing that obedience training will stop these behaviors.  Many of my clients have very well trained dog’s in the sit, stay, down, what have you but still have dog’s that are lunging at other people or dogs, biting, obsessive, anxious, fearful, you name it.  This program is for owners that are unable to detach from their dog during the training process.  Like alcohol and drugs you can also be addicted to a certain mindset.  It is not a healthy mindset but a comfortable one that the dog has become used to.  Like a nurse or doctor I take an objective approach and don’t have an emotional attachment so I am able to properly perform the job.  This program is also great for those that want a very well trained dog but don’t have the time or energy to do so.

Guest Home Dog/Owner Training


Learn How To Train Your Dog With This 3 Day Weekend Package

I am a Sacramento/Bay Area Dog Specialist and have a home in Sacramento, but my primary residence is in Mount Shasta. This beautiful location is where I bring the dogs I am working with and train them to be ready to come back to their owners in Sacramento or the Bay Area.

I have developed a new program over the past year that has become quite popular and highly successful. You will come to my property in Mount Shasta and stay at my guest home while you learn how to do your own board and train. Often dog owners are reluctant to send their dogs off for three weeks so this way you are with your dog while you both are learning. Also, depending on the dog’s behaviors, this could be the best program for you because certain problems are solved more effectively if you learn together as opposed to you only learning how to maintain what has been achieved while your dog was away.

Come stay in my guest home on my property and learn how to work successfully with your dog. This 3 day intensive program is designed to teach you how to understand and communicate with your dog. It is 15 hours of hands-on skills work. You will learn how to correct properly as well as how to provide what is best for your dog physically and mentally. You will also learn how to teach them what is and is not appropriate. You will go home with a working knowledge of how to perform your own board and train. (Give a man a fish analogy?) After 3 days you will leave with a plan of action and will clearly know what you will be doing at home for the next 60 days. Four weeks after your stay, I will come to your home for an in person follow up visit. This is the environment where the behaviors were previously being exhibited and this way completes the circle.

Sample Schedule:

First hour: Power Point presentation where you will learn how to correct properly. Instruction of how to properly use a number of dog training tools.

9:00-10:00am – You and I will work with your dog.

11:00am-12:00pm – Relaxation/Potty/Play break. Will reinforce what was previously learned regarding conditioning of the training collar. Human/Dog Demonstration. You will teach your dog “Tap and Turn”. Training collar session.

12:00pm-3:00pm – Break (Relax, You’ve earned it, or enjoy the beauty of the Mt. Shasta Forrest on the many walking paths or around the lake areas.)

3:00-5:00pm – We will discuss how nutrition plays a major role in your dog’s behavior, health and happiness. Another work session with you and your dog.

5:00pm – Relaxation/Play/Question and Answer time.


8:00-10:00am – We will go over what was learned on the previous day. We will discuss possible scenarios you may experience with your dog and what course of action you should take. I.E. “If your dog is doing this…..then should you do A or B?”

10:00-11:00am – Relaxation/Play/Water break. 11:00am-12:00pm – More Dog Training

12:00-3:00PM – Time for yourself – Discover Mt. Shasta/Visit the quaint downtown/Enjoy a long lunch at the country club.

3:00-5:00pm – We will discuss the next three weeks training plan. 5:00pm – Relaxation/Play/Question and Answer time.


8:00-11:00am – Go over basic first aid skills. I am a certified Instructor in Pet CPR, First Aid and Care. Final dog training session. Wrap up.

“...per Blair's instructions, I headed out for a long off leash hike at Folsom Lake with Annie the very next day…something Blair will call "migrating". Annie and I migrated along the shore's edge and you know what? Annie is mine! She migrated with me! Off-leash! She was happy, free, curious, funloving and free spirited...”

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Blair Diamond is a certified evaluator for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Program.

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