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5 Best Tips For Dog Obedience Training

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Dogs are human’s best friends, and who doesn’t want a well-behaved and obedient pet? Almost 69% of the families in the USA own one or several dogs, and it is a piece of happy news. This article will give you the 5 best tips for dog obedience training. Dogs have their own way of thinking, and you as an owner have to understand that and train them right from the start when you bring them home.

Different breeds come with different temperaments. Some are playful and pocket-sized, while the others can be categorized in mid-size and heavy-size. Primal Needs Behavioral Solutions is one of the best places for dog obedience training in Sacramento.

The families who have adopted a puppy or a grown-up dog should start training them early, and we have listed out the 5 best tips for dog obedience training. You have to devote a lot of time and effort at the start to develop a strong bond with your fur buddy. Once you practice these tips correctly, you will have a well-behaved and obedient pet.

Let us give you some insights and tips on dog obedience training:

What Is Dog Obedience Training?

As stated earlier, before adopting a pet, you should conduct thorough research of its nature. They can be reared to be playful dogs or guard dogs. They can display unwanted behaviors if not trained at the start. There are two training techniques, reward-based and aversive, which can help train your pet.

To simplify, dogs learn the way a 2-year toddler does. You have to treat them the same way and give them dog obedience training the right way. It will help them not do anything unwanted and be obedient. There are many skills you can teach your dog, some of which are listed below:

  • Heel- once you give this command, your dog will standstill by your legs.
  • Roll- with this command, your dog will start rolling.
  • Lie-down – your pet will understand that you are busy and will lie down.
  • No- this is one of the basic commands, which is a heavyweight and makes your dog understand that the thing they are doing is not appreciated.

What Is The Importance Of Dog Obedience Training?

You wouldn’t want your pet to be unruly or scare away your guests or kids, would you? This is why training your dog to be obedient is important. You can have a happy pet that will obey all your orders and make you a happy pet owner through proper dog obedience training.

Many people adopt puppies and grown-up dogs from foster homes or kennels. Right from the time you adopt, you should start training them. For example: when you adopt a grown-up dog, it will be a bit hesitant to develop a bond straight away. They can tend to be aggressive or be scared. If you think you can’t train such dogs, then Primal Needs Behavioral Solutions is the place to go as it provides the best dog obedience training in Sacramento.

Why Do You Need Dog Trainers For Dog Obedience Training?

All dogs are good in nature, but it depends on how you treat and raise them. There is a big difference between DIY trained dogs and dogs trained by a dog trainer, and we can categorize them as “well-trainedâ€. Both of the categories display different levels of obedience. Dog antics like pulling while walking, barking when the doorbell rings, and many more are signs that your pet needs obedience training.

Certified Dog Trainers are professionals who can provide dog obedience training to both puppies and grown-up ones. Behavior’s like anxiety, fear, aggression are all taken care of by a dog trainer and make your dog a happy one. A professionally trained dog will display skills and easily obey basic and long commands.

Some important benefits of taking a dog trainer’s services are listed below:

  • Better and fruitful communication
  • Improved Behavior
  • Active Mind

So availing of a dog trainer’s services holds good for both new and seasoned owners as your dog’s capabilities are heightened. Dog’s have a brain that is somewhat similar to a human’s, and it is not good to let it go to waste.

Best Tips For Dog Obedience Training:

1. Early training:

Did you know that a dog's 1st year equals 15 human years! So it would help if you had a basic understanding that when you bring a puppy home, it is the same as a human infant. You need to be puppy-proof by building a pen, baby gates for your furry friend. This will give them a basic understanding of which place is a no-entry zone and save them from getting injured.

2. High-Value Treats:

Dogs feel a sense of happiness when they receive a treat for performing a skill. Treats can be in the form of their favorite snack or giving them their loved fur toy and even petting and giving them a shout-out as a “good boy/girlâ€. You may have to use premium treats to create a distraction-free setting so that your dog learns the obedience skills faster.

3. Fun Training:

Make the training a fun-filled one as the dog will be more than happy to learn the skills. Every dog needs a lot of exercises, so include fun games and things like Frisbees.

4. Positive Attitude:

Be happy when your dog comes to you for petting. Just a quick pat on their head will make them happy, and it will go back to what it was doing. Dogs don’t think like humans, and they tend to display behavior that they feel secure in or feel happy.

5. Vet visits:

A visit to the vet is what dogs hate the most. So you have to instill understanding and find a friendly vet for your dog. You have to create a fear-free setting and should not self-medicate your dog.


It would be best to treat your dog the same way you treat your newborn kid. Early intervention and proper training will change your dog’s world. Proper disciplinary and obedience skills will be imprinted in their mind, which will help you develop a strong bond with your dog friend in the long run.

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