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Want Board and Train results but don’t want to send your dog away?

Want professional training results without sending your dog away? Call Blair and join our Virtual Guide Program to unlock your dog's full potential.

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Learn how to reintroduce yourself to your dog and see all the behavioral changes that accompany it. In this program Blair will teach you virtually his board and train that he has been doing the past 17 years.

The program starts with two, one hour consultations via Google Meet or Zoom. The first one hour goes over the framework of the program as well as “How to Correct Correctly” and the difference between Correction and Re-Direction. The second one hour which is scheduled 24-48 hours after the first one hour consultation focuses on the first check point and how to accomplish it. The first two one hour consultations are done via a media board with screen sharing similar to how universities are teaching.

The program goes in checkpoints and markers. Once a checkpoint or marker is hit you reach back out via texting the business line and within 12-24 hours we are talking on the phone amending the schedule and you are given your next bit of information and checkpoint to accomplish.
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Once the program is started, we will be speaking on the phone every one to three days for the duration of the program. These will be 20-30 min phone calls to give you the next checkpoint and how to hit it. Video (30-45 sec) will be required to move on from one checkpoint to the next. I will be your dogs advocate during this process. Simple phone footage is just fine.
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You will learn how to reintroduce yourself to your dog and with that perception change, behavioral change will follow. You will learn how to teach your dog all the basic obedience such as “Heel’ and “Place” as well as advanced Off Leash reliability outside with distractions.

However, what you really learn in this program is how to communicate and raise your dog properly. You will learn all about the four legged foreign exchange student living in your home. You will learn about canine culture and communication. Even in our own species we have cultural differences. What one culture thinks is rude the other might not. This is a big issue with human and canine culture. You will learn how to properly introduce your dog to other humans and dogs. You will learn how to teach your dog to interact with life and not just be stuck on a “down/stay”.

During the program if you have any questions, you reach out immediately and Blair will help guide you through it. This program is not in person but it is still very personal.
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