Dog Training & Behavioral Consultations in Greater Sacramento & Southern Oregon

Along this road, Blair has gathered extensive experience working with dogs in various capacities and is indeed the best dog trainer in California: He attended the American College of Applied Science, where he received training in animal behavior analysis. He has trained with a number of Master Trainers throughout the United States to refine and perfect his unique, personalized approach to dog behavioural training. Blair has worked with police dogs, led the industry in dogs trained to detect bed bugs, and has personally and professionally helped thousands of dogs (and owners) across the country overcome all types of behavioral challenges. In addition to this, Blair consults with veterinary staff as well as dog daycare staff on a continual basis in order to help instruct them on how to best care for dogs in their respective professions, especially those presenting with unique behavioral challenges.

Blair now prefers to train dogs in Mount Shasta, CA, where it provides the aggressive behaviour dog training in his care, the necessary atmosphere to rehab, reboot, and focus on their primal needs in nature, helping each to become calm and balanced: the cornerstones of his training approach.

Blair has become the resident dog trainer and expert in dog behaviour on Good Day Sacramento - check out his previous "Think Like a Dog" segments below:

Click play below to listen to Blair's recent podcast interview on Rockland World Rad
io, where he was invited to speak regarding his specialization in training dogs that have aggression:
Rockland World Radio - Part 1
Rockland World Radio - Part 2

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