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For ages, dogs have been considered one of the best companions of the human race as loyal partners or family members. Dogs are man's best friends and the most dignified animal. If a dog is well-trained, he easily gets comfortable with the owner's family and shows obedience and discipline in their behavior.

However, if your dog suddenly started showing aggressive behavior, you may be wondering why this behavioral issue? Does this sudden behavior change mean the dog is not well? Does it mean he is an aggressive, dominant dog? Well, to be around an aggressive dog can be scary, and it's even more terrifying when your dog shows its moods swinging between calm or growling or trying to bite.

You should not overlook these peculiar changes in your dog's mood, and one must look for the underlying cause and opt for aggressive behavior dog training. Primal Needs is one of the best dog trainers in Sacramento. Aggressive behavior in dogs is quite a complicated issue, and to overcome this, it is important to consult dog trainers. Primal Needs is the best dog trainer in Sacramento who has a well-trained team that follows the right approach; after all, you want peace and love from your dog.

Primal Needs Behavioral Solutions is a dog trainer in Sacramento that can help your dogs overcome any behavioral challenges, be it mental, anxiety-driven, fearful reactions, nuisance barking, or any other extreme form of aggression. We can help your dog achieve a lifelong mindset of calm and balance to enable a smooth journey for you and your dog.

The training programs by Primal Needs Behavioral Solutions have been particularly designed to treat the underlying cause of a dog's misbehavior and not solely the symptoms so that dog owners can have a fruitful relationship with their dogs. We are one of the most renowned dog trainers in Sacramento and have experience training all breeds of dogs. Our behavioral training programs are based on extensive research. At present, Primal Needs have three extensive programs running successfully in Sacramento.

Intensive Weekend Training Program

The intensive weekend training program is one of our latest programs designed to engage the owner in the training process. The training process should introduce the owner to the tools and resources utilized at their house for their board training. The personalized weekend training would be conducted, including 15 hours of hands-on skill work workshop at our place as part of this program.

Three Week Board and Train Program

This program has been designed specifically for dogs with very high levels of aggression or extreme behavioral issues. In this three-week board program, we will observe and train your dog at our place for three weeks. Within this period, We will teach your dog about humans and their relationship with the dog. This program also covers three in-home transfer sessions. Where we will provide the dog owner and his family members with personal assistance for training the dog to stay calm. We are one of the top dog trainers in Sacramento, and you can trust our programs for improving your dog's behavior.

Combination Program

The combination program is one of the most popular among the three programs. This involves one-on-one training by our main trainer at our place and training at the owner's place. You would have unlimited access to contact our main trainer during the training period as per this program. Contact Primal Needs Behavioral Training Solution as soon as possible if you see a problem with your dog's behavior, as we are the best dog trainers in California.

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