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What Are The Important Things To Teach Your Puppy?

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Puppies, irrespective of their breed, are the sweetest and most cute living beings on this planet. These furry babies will bring happiness to your life with their antics and looks. The important things to teach your puppy are listed in this article, as when they start growing, their instincts tend to change.

Primal Needs Behavioral Solutions provides the best puppy training in Sacramento for any breed. Discipline is the most significant factor that your pet dog should have, and it should be instilled right from the start you get it home. Worried about how to do it? You can do it on a personal level "a bit," but when you get professional help, you will have a happy dog who will not create any nuisance.

Many people are clueless, for example, first-time dog owners who don't know how to train their adopted or purchased dog. So we are here to help you with a beginner's course as to how you can start basic training for your furry family member. Even if you had a dog years before and after a gap, you get another one; there are chances that you might need assistance.

7 Important Things To Teach Your Puppy:

1. Socializing

Socializing is the most important that we humans do, and the same goes when you have a pet dog. The puppies are inquisitive when they see new sights, sounds, other animals, and the most important thing, "humans". Pet dog owners should introduce their furry friends to the outside world so that they don't get scared. You have to take them to parks, for a swim in the lake, or wherever you go. Tagging them along with you instills a sense of confidence and compassion in your pet, this is why it's important to socialize a dog.

But it is well advised to not take your dog to huge gatherings or loud gatherings as it will scare them. There are many cafes where you can take your dog along, but when your pet gets scared, just give them their special treat and make them feel relaxed. You should list the things which your puppy is scared of and slowly make them acclimatized to that particular situation.

2. Poop Training

Newborn babies don't have the knowledge of where to pee or poop, and the same applies to puppies. They will relieve themselves wherever and whenever they want to. So this is also one of the important things to teach your puppy. You have to take a note of the timing they want to get relieved and take them to the decided place by "you" at the designated time.

Once you give them the initial training, you have to notice your puppy's behavior. Primal Needs Behavioral Solutions is the best training facility in Sacramento that provides this training. There are many signals that your pup can give when they want to relieve themselves, and you have to keep that in mind.

3. Separation Anxiety

All humans have to go out for work or any other thing, and you will have to leave your puppy alone at home. So this creates an environment of anxiety for the puppy, and you have to train them accordingly. SA (Separation Anxiety) or IA (Isolation Anxiety) can make your puppy behave erratically, so you have to introduce them to the situation slowly but gradually by training them. Dogs, as we know, are social animals, and they tend to always be around people, so this is also one of the important things to teach your puppy.

4. Chew Time

There might not be 1% of puppy owners who have got their shoes, furniture, and many other things chewed by their furry friend. So to avoid this, you have to get them chewable items like bones and toys. This will give them an idea that they will have to only chew this and nothing else. There are many items in the market specially made for puppies, and you can choose the best one for your puppy.

5. Obedience

Now, this is a very difficult thing to instill in a puppy as they are very naughty and always prancing around. The answer for it is "Positive Training". You have to always give treats to them when you want to give them a particular training. Dogs love treats, and they feel rewarded and happy when they do a specific task that you want. The teaching has to be initiated right when you bring them home.

6. Fun Training

Make the training fun for your puppy by giving them treats, throwing toys so that they go and fetch them, and even happy voices. They will understand if you are happy or unhappy when you give them a voice or hand signal. When hiring a professional trainer, you should keep in mind that they train your puppy in a "force-free" method. Primal Needs Behavioral Solutions follows this rule and provides the best puppy training in Sacramento.

7. Recall

Your puppy should come back to you or not do a thing when you give them a shout-out. This is also one of the important things to teach your puppy to understand that what they are doing is not correct. You don't have to be harsh, but with a sweet voice, they will understand quickly and stop doing unwanted things when you teach them.

Why It's Important To Train Your Puppy?

Who would like to have a grown-up dog that is aggressive or not obedient? So this is the basic fact of utmost importance to teach your puppy to be obedient and obey all of your orders. Like how parents teach their kids after birth, the same factor applies to your puppy. They should be adequately trained to grow up to be good dogs who will not get you complaints from your neighbors or society.


When you are reading this, you will get a basic idea of how to train your puppy, but getting a professional to do it will help you in a more significant way. Primal Needs Behavioral Solutions is the numero uno center for puppy training in Sacramento that takes care of all the aspects, including the major ones listed above. A happy dog will lead to a happy you, and there will be a peaceful environment. So if you have bought or are planning to adopt or purchase a puppy, you should be aware of how to train them at a tender age. Hope our expertise and this article help you to train your puppy. Woof for now. 

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