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5 Reasons Why You Need a Dog Trainer

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People love owning a pet and as we know the adage that a dog is a human kind’s best friend. There are different breeds of dogs that have different temperaments, and when not trained properly they can even harm you or others. This is the essential part as to why you need a dog trainer. You can train your dog on your own with some basic commands, but a well-trained dog is what you need.

There is a growing trend of people adopting dogs from shelters and they vary in age and size. Hence there is a need for training your dog so that it is well behaved and free of any anxieties. Dogs are intelligent animals and they can be trained at any age. This builds their confidence, improves mental stimulation, and builds a strong bond with their owners.

Dogs are keen learners who love to learn new things and adapt quickly to what they are being taught. And when they get their favorite treats then they respond even better. Primal Needs Behavioral Solutions provides you with the best dog trainer in Sacramento, and we have catered to a lot of families with dogs as pets.

Dogs are always filled with anxiety or behave timidly, and to treat this you are advised to hire a trainer. The four-legged family member will also be happy and ease the communication process. Positive attention and compassion are what the trainers instill in your furry four-legged family member that helps them behave in the right manner. As they will be spending most of their time with your family it is important that they behave nicely.

A dog's complete well-being depends on its mental stimulation. Be it taking them on a walk, exercising them by playing with them. They feel happy and confident when they are getting regular physical exercise. Like if it is cold or raining outside and you have your dog inside your house, they should follow the right etiquette. So hiring a trainer is of utmost importance so that you have a well-behaved pet in your family.

Why You Need a Dog Trainer?

Now let us get down to the importance of what a dog trainer can do:

1. Better Behavior

Dogs can't speak and at times they will not understand what we are trying to communicate with them. This can create a barrier between the human and his pet. Though when they are still young they gnaw on things or chew things like shoes etc because they are not humans.

They explore their environment using their smelling power, mouth, or paws. These are their normal characteristics, and they should be taken care of in a professional way. They should understand the difference between what is right and wrong, like instead of chewing your shoes and playing with their toys.

2. Excretion Training

It is obvious that if you have a puppy then they will not be having the bathroom training, and they go on pooping or urinating around the house. This creates an unhygienic environment both for the puppy and the family. A professional dog trainer helps your pet with proper excretory etiquette and lets them make you know that they have to relieve themselves. This creates a schedule that helps you and your dog as well for their relieving session and keeps your home and surroundings clean and hygienic.

3. Expertise

Professional dog trainers know each breed's mentality and how they can behave. You can achieve a little with DIY training, but that will not be up to the mark. Like Primal Needs Behavioral Solutions provides you with trainers who are working in this field for a long time. The dog trainers will provide your pet with force-free training and make them positive. They will teach your furry four-legged family member all the nuances of how to behave and respond to commands.

4. Socializing

If you have an untrained dog and when you take it out for a walk there can be consequences. Your dog can bark unnecessarily or can even bite a passerby. A professional dog trainer will train your dog in such a way that you can take it to large gatherings and they will not bark or bite anybody. We all know that dogs come in different sizes like from pocket-sized to giant ones. So a professional dog trainer will know how to get the puppy or an aged dog to socialize and be friendly.

5. Communication

It is a common human tendency to get irritated if anybody doesn’t listen to what we are saying. It’s the same with dogs. Professional dog trainers teach your pets basic and advanced commands which will cut short the communication gap. Your dog will understand you better and you can easily give them commands which they will follow. This is one of the best things that will build a strong bond between you and your canine.

Who Is The Best Dog Trainer in Sacramento?

Primal Needs is the best place to scout for a dog trainer in Sacramento and has served the pet society for a long time. Right from puppies to aged dogs we can train them all as our trainers know how each breed will react. We deal with all sorts of dog behavioral issues. Primal Needs is a certified company with an A+ BBB rating. We believe in making your pet a well-behaved and non-aggressive one.


There are many of DIY training contents available on the internet, but it’s not always fruitful, and that is why you need a dog trainer. So, it is advised to hire a professional dog trainer for your dog. They will make them friendly and you can easily take them to the vet or in a public place without any hindrance. So if you are reading this, then you would have understood why you need a dog trainer. So be a good dog parent and get your dog professionally trained.

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