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Can A Dog Trainer Help With Dog Anxiety?

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Having a pet dog is a passion for many pet lovers. They love to spend quality with their parents, but when they don’t find them around leads to what we call “Dog Anxietyâ€. Now that the world is opening up again and workplaces starting people have started moving out of their homes for work. So if you feel that your pet dog is facing anxiety issues then you should avail the services of a specialist dog trainer for anxiety.

Anxiety in dogs can be broadly classified which we will be discussing further, but the most common is “Separation Anxietyâ€. When your furry friend is left alone for a long time they tend to develop this behavior. During the pandemic when all of the community was locked in their homes, they used to spend their whole day with their pets. Now that the world has opened up and people stepping out of their homes, their pets develop different forms of anxiety. Primal Needs Behavioral Solutions provides you with the best dog trainer in Sacramento for curing dog anxiety.

Causes of Dog Anxiety:

Manifestation of anxiety in dogs can happen through various sources.

1. Abandonment

Many pet owners buy breeds without knowing how they react and later abandon them. When these dogs are taken to the shelters this causes dog anxiety as they will be facing people. They can either whine or bark at unknown people.

2. Loud Noise

Dogs get scared when they hear a loud noise. Be it Thunder, Lightning, Loud Music, or Fireworks. Their heartbeat rises and the phenomenon called “Dog Anxiety†occurs. Primal Needs Behavioral Solutions has the best dog trainer in Sacramento advises that you should take your dog inside the home where the noise decibel is lower.

3. Home Alone

During the lockdown when people were home all the time their pets felt comfy as their parents were always around. Now that they will have to leave out for work or if the house is empty the pet gets curious and can develop an anxiety disorder.

4. Abuse

This is also the most common cause of dog anxiety. Some pet owners just buy the furry ball without knowing what their breed belongs to. This happens with most of the working breed dogs as they have a temperament of their own. Once abused or being beaten regularly they can get destructive and retaliate by biting.

5. Aging

Even though your pet has been with you for several human years, as it ages they tend to get cranky. So if you have an aged pet above 6 years it is better advised to contact a dog trainer for anxiety.

Symptoms of Dog Anxiety:

These are some of the core symptoms which let you know if your pet is suffering from dog anxiety:

  • Drooling- Unintentional constant flow of Saliva from your dog’s mouth
  • Pacing- Erratic walk
  • Defecating and Urinating in the house- This is also one of the facets of dog anxiety. All the years they used to relieve themselves outside when taken by the pet parent. This is because they feel their parent is not paying attention.
  • Panting- Keeping aside the age, even if your 1 or 2-year-old pet dog starts panting after a short walk you should get know that there is something wrong.
  •  Destruction- Here we mean it subtly. They will nibble or bite at anything they see in the house like furniture, sofa, shoes, etc.
  •  Depression- To quote the adage†A dog is a man’s best friendâ€, then it implies that even their feelings. The pet parent should always keep an eye on the behavior of their furry friend. Loss of attention may lead to difficult situations.
  • Constant Barking- This is also a symptom of dog anxiety. Barking without no reason or at family members means you have to take the help of a dog trainer for anxiety and Primal Needs Behavioral Solutions has the best dog trainer in Sacramento.

How do dog trainers treat dog anxiety?

Dog trainers are well versed in the knowledge of different breeds, their temperament, and nature. So let us look at how trainers can resolve dog anxiety:

1. Proper Exercise

Primal Needs Behavioral Solutions has the best dog trainer in Sacramento. Providing proper exercise reduces the excess energy spent on aggression or any other symptoms of anxiety. This technique allows the dogs to be free-minded. Be it playing with them, bonding with them, or tiring them out. Once they stand again on their four paws, that means there is positive energy flowing through your pet. Positive behavior and exercise release endorphins in your loved pet and that is the need of the hour.

2. Owner and Trainer

Once the pet is acquainted with the trainer for dog anxiety, the pet parent can also come along for a walk down the park, or even play with them. Be it cuddling on the couch, or assisting while on walks it will boost the confidence of the pet and make it more social.

3. Massage & Rewards

Now, which doggy can resist a massage or a treat when they perform well. This is what cures dog anxiety as they want to be loved. The dog trainer for anxiety will reward and massage the neck or just a pat on the head/back and the pet will understand that it is doing good.


Though there are many alternative remedies for curing anxiety in dogs, that will not last long. We at Primal Needs Behavioral Solutions have worked with different breeds of different ages and have the best dog trainer in Sacramento. If you see any of the symptoms listed above then it is better advised to hire a dog trainer for anxiety. Love your pets.

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