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How to Stop Aggressive Behavior in Dogs?


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To be around an aggressive dog can be a scary experience and it’s even more terrifying if your dog was friendly and has abruptly become aggressive, always growling or lunging around. In the worst scenario, the dog might have attacked you or your family member and acted peculiarly. There can be multiple reasons behind such aggressive behavior in dogs. Whatever may be the signs of aggression that your dog is displaying, it is so important to know the trigger for such behavior. The aggressive nature of your dogs can be cured with the help of dog trainers, like Primal Needs which provides dog training in Sacramento, California.

But, understanding the underlying cause should be the first step before thinking about aggressive behavior training for dogs. Most of the time, the main reason behind aggressive behavior in dogs is pain or illness, lack of socialization, fear, established dominance, etc. Aggressive behavior in dogs is quite a complicated issue and hence there is no overnight fix or an easy solution to handle it. Turning your aggressive one into a well-behaved one can require aggressive behavior training for dogs and for this to happen, a lot of patience, as well as the right approach, is necessary. You can stop aggressive behavior in your dog in the following way.

Visit the Veterinarian

Dogs are very friendly animals and if they suddenly start showing aggressive behaviors, there may be an underlying medical condition. Health disorders such as hypothyroidism, encephalitis, epilepsy, brain tumors, and/or any other painful injury can aggravate aggressive behavior in dogs. Hence, talk to a veterinarian to understand the cause and then proceed with the treatment accordingly.

Speak to a Professional

If your dog is not suffering from any medical condition, it makes sense to consult a professional to carry out aggressive behavior training for dogs. Aggressive behavior is a serious problem, hence you must not try fixing it on your own. A professional dog trainer can help you manage it by figuring out the best approach.

Go for Medications

Combining training with the right medication can make a lot of improvement. Aggressive behavior in dogs is a type of medical issue and medications are important to manage it. These medications can help dogs overcome fear or stress and at the same time, can help them learn new things. However, you do not need to give medications to your dog permanently and thus talk to the veterinarian about the dose and duration.

Practice Prevention

It’s necessary to keep a tab on what causes aggression in your dog. Once you have identified the cause of your dog’s aggression, practice management to prevent it, and this way you can avoid any scary situation.

Aggressive behavior in dogs is a common concern for many dog owners as it is not easy to live with an aggressive dog. Aggressive behavior training for dogs can change situations for the better and for this you can consider Primal Needs Behavioral Training Solutions. They offer dog training services throughout Mount Shasta, the Sacramento Area, the Bay Area, and Southern Oregon to help owners with their dog's behavioral issues. Whichever ends up as the right solution for you and your dog, always remember, it’s an effort well worth it.

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