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What Are The Benefits Of Crate Training For Dogs?

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You might be wondering what crate training is. There are many benefits of crate training, and when you get home a pup or an older dog, then crate training is of utmost importance. Regardless of the furry friend's age, home crate training will be the need of the hour. Whether you get home, puppies, adult dogs, or seniors, there are many benefits of crate training for dogs.

What Is Crate Training?

It is a process where your pet can explore its new crate, get familiar with it, and take it as a safe haven. It instills a feeling that their freedom is a privilege and makes them more obedient. Gaining full control over their bowels and bladders is one of the most important benefits of crate training for dogs. Or else your dog will be soiling everywhere in your house. If you don't have any idea how to crate train your dog then you can consult the dog trainers.

When you crate train your dog, you will have greater peace of mind, and your dog will feel secure and confined to its new den. Though there might be a feeling of guilt about confining your furry friend in a crate, if you want a happy and obedient dog, then crate training is a must. Dogs are social animals, but even they need a safe and secure enclosure to play with their toys and relax.

In a broader sense, Crate Training means teaching your dog to enter the crate when necessary or when you want them to be in the crate. Puppies are a bundle of joy, and they keep prancing around the house. In this scenario, there are chances of them getting hurt. Crate training your puppy will help keep them away from injuries and make them obedient.

Crate training instills a sense in your dog to accept the crate as a safe and cuddly haven. The fear factor is eliminated, and your dog will use the crate on its own or when ordered. It is observed that dogs always search for small spaces where they feel protected. They also serve as a safe tool when you have to take them out, and this also counts in the benefits of crate training for dogs.

Dogs don't like to defecate or urinate in their favorite sleeping or relaxation spot. So the research says that you have to give crate training to your puppy or an older dog so that they learn to control their nature's call. Once you provide proper crate training to your dog, you will not have to keep cleaning up the mess caused by them.

If, in any event, there arises an emergency, then your dog will keep itself safe without any uncertainty. It will be easier to evacuate your dog and save its life. Your furry friend will not be injured or risk the chances of getting lost in the chaos. So this is also one of the many benefits of crate training for your dogs.

Tips For Easier Crate Training:

1. Selecting the Dog Crate

Be it a puppy or a grown-up dog, you will have to select the right crate for them. Dogs grow gradually, and you have to select a crate that fits the bill and the breed.

2. Introduce your dog to the crate

Place the crate with its door open in a cool place away from sunlight. But make sure that your furry friend is holed up in another room so that the crate doesn't spook them. Once placed in the right area, let your dog in. Dogs are very curious, and they will check the crate immediately.

3. Decorating the crate

Place your dog's sleeping mattress and its favorite toys in the crate so that the dog gets associated with the crate. Since they will be missing their mattress and toys, they will adjust themselves by entering the crate.

4. Creating a Positive Space

When you are giving crate training for a puppy or an adult dog, then you have to create a positive space. This will instill a sense of protection, and they will understand that they are free from any harm once in the crate.

5. Placing Treats or Food

You can entice your puppy or your adult dog by placing their food inside the crate or even their favorite kibbles. The sight of their favorite treats or food will make them enter the space, and they will gradually get accustomed to the crate.

6.  Never Ever Punish

Dogs are sensitive, and they love to be around their adopted family. They tend to jump around or need attention. Humans tend to have mood swings, so at that time, you shouldn't confine your furry friend by locking it up in the crate. There can be chances of your dog developing ferocious behavior.

7. Extending Crate Time

Once your puppy or dog is acclimatized to the crate, you can slowly start extending the time they are confined to the crate. They might bark when they see you, but you should never open the door. If you do, they will learn that they will be let out by barking.

Benefits Of Crate Training For Your Dogs:

  • Always remember to buy the right-sized crate for your furry friend. Some breeds are pocket-sized, and some tend to grow big. Once you place their sleeping mattress in the crate, that instills a training of not soiling their own bed. It doubles up as an essential house training tool.
  • Supervision is made easier when you are away or doing your routine household chores. This prevents your furry family member from doing any mischief and also getting harmed. This is one of the major benefits of crate training for dogs, as you cannot take them with you everywhere you go.
  • Your dog will enjoy its alone time and relax in the crate without any disturbance. They will be either playing with their toys or having a sound nap when guests are around or when you have to go out.
  • Once you start crate training for a puppy or an adult dog, they will start enjoying it gradually. And spend their time in the crate on their own. They will understand their needs and wants and spend quality time inside the crate, hence causing no nuisance.


There are pros and cons of crate training, but Primal Needs Behavioral Solutions is the leading center that provides crate training for puppy and senior dogs if you want the best. Although it is painful to see your dog confined to a space, it is necessary to keep them there at times. So proper training will help you and your dog lead a happy life. But keep in mind that you should never confine them for a long time as it can lead to fatal consequences. Let us make this world a better place, one paw at a time.

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