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What Are The Methods Used By Primal Needs To Train Dogs?

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Dogs, be it a puppy or an adult dogs, are a bundle of joy. They fill your life with joy unless and until they are well behaved. You might be wondering what to do so that your furry friend is obedient and well behaved! There are numerous methods used by Primal Needs to train dogs, young and adults alike. Primal Needs Behavioral Solutions provides you with the best dog training in Sacramento that will suffice all your queries and training needs for your furry friend.

 Dogs are instinctive and very curious. So when they see new things or hear noises, they set off to investigate them. A dog's behavior depends on its breed, age, type, and past experience (if it is adopted from a dog shelter). Most dogs are sociable and playful animals who enjoy playing with their toys and humans alike. If you spot any erratic behavior, then it is important that you consult a trainer.

Why Should You Consider Primal Needs For Dog Training?

The health and obedience of your dog are of utmost importance. All this can happen only whence you get your furry friend trained by a professional, and who best than Primal Needs Behavioral Solutions for the best dog training in Sacramento. The various behavioral training methods used by Primal Needs Behavioral Solutions to train dogs are listed below:

1. Dog Aggression Training

When you see your dog behaving aggressively towards you or other people and animals, then it is a sign that you have to consult a trainer. Basic training at home won't help as it all depends on the breed and its size. There are various reasons for aggression in dogs, and when you experience it is better advised to take the help of a specialized trainer. 

Primal Needs Behavioral Solutions provides the best dog training in Sacramento through a scientific approach. If you notice your dog growling, snarling, snapping, biting, and lunging at persons, are all signs of your furry friend getting aggressive. The methods used by Primal Needs to train dogs with an aggressive nature are unique, and you will be pleased to see the changes in your dog's behavior.

Primal Needs Behaviroal Solutions studies the nature of the aggressive dog and the reasons for training them. We check the dog's medical condition and what makes it angry, like other animals, strangers, family members, or friends who visit the house. That is why we are known for providing the best dog training in Sacramento.

2. Dog Basic Obedience Training

When you bring a puppy or adopt an older dog from the shelter, there will be work like shopping for supplies, vet appointments, and, most importantly, "training". To have a happy dog with the right behaviors and expectations, seeking a professional trainer's help is recommended.

Basic obedience training means teaching your furry friend commands like Sit, Lay Down, Stay, Come, Heel, and Get off, which are some of the many methods used by Primal Needs to train dogs. Basic dog obedience training is of utmost importance when you take them out for walks or while they are indoors. They can yank the leash when out for a walk, jump on the cushion, or nibble shoes or other household items, so proper obedience training is necessary.

3. Dog Board & Train/Boot Camp Programs

The training period can be from 3 weeks to 6 weeks. Primal Needs provides the best dog training in Sacramento, and we have devised programs for both puppies and adult dogs. How this works is your furry friend will be at our training center for 5 sessions, and you get to take them for the weekend. But the catch here is that you will also be given training as to what you have to do once you have them over the weekend. 

This eliminates the separation anxiety, and also the dog's training schedule is not affected. It is in-kennel training wherein your dog will listen to your commands once the training ends.

4. Dog Off-Leash Training

When you take your dog out for a walk or to the park, they must behave appropriately. They love to explore, play, and run around, so it is of utmost importance that they listen to your commands if they are up to any mischief. There will be many people in the park and animals, so if your furry friend acts unruly, it will embarrass you.

Dog Off-Leash Training is one of the methods used by Primal Needs to train dogs to behave properly. We start with training them in an enclosed area and watching what they are doing. Once the observation is completed, we start our training to make them listen to voice commands so that once you take them out, they will be obedient and not unruly.

5. Dog Agility Training

Dog Agility is one of the most important aspects that displays the behavior, obedience, and listening to voice command skills. Enhancing your dog's abilities to dodge obstacles, visual and sensory skills, teaching them tricks, increasing attention and flexibility by weaving a perfect 8 around your legs, stretching, and handling exercises are the methods used by Primal Needs to train dogs for superior agility.

6. Dog Behavioral Correction

Your dog will be accustomed to certain factors like leaping at you and many other things when they see you. This becomes a nuisance as time passes by. So you have to nip these habitual attributes from the past. Probably you might have given them a treat when they come to you or leap on you, this creates an understanding in your furry friend that they will get the required response.

When it persists, then seeking a professional dog trainer's service is a must. We at Primal Needs Behavior Solutions to help your dog overcome the behavioral correction aspect by using unique methods like Habituation (which requires no rewards), Upswing Recovery, Reinforcement, and many other techniques that are necessary for Dog Behavioral Correction.

7. Dog Leash Reactivity Training

This training involves observation to check if your dog is comfortable when leashed. We make them feel comfortable when leashed and act according to your voice and hand commands so that you don't feel embarrassed when out in the open. Even when on a leash, they might jump at people, vehicles, or other animals. We check for comfortability and reactiveness and train your dog accordingly.

8. Dog Recall Training

It is common to name your family member, and the same goes for pets. Whence you bring a puppy home, you can have problems when it doesn't respond when you call it by its name. With professional training, all things like coming when you call its name, treating them when they respond to the voice commands, and off-lead training are all part of Primal Needs Behavioral Solutions, and that is what we provide to make us the best dog training center in Sacramento.

Different Methods Used By Primal Needs To Train Dogs:

1. Intensive Weekend Training Program

People are busy with the world opening up again and work getting normal. So Primal Needs Behavioral Solutions has come up with one of a kind idea that lets you be with your pet during the training session. The whole training schedule is designed as per the client's request.

You will be given an accommodation facility built by Primal Needs Behavioral Solutions for the whole 3-day course. This program starts on Thursday evening and ends on Sunday afternoon. This program is intensive as the owner will be included, and they will also learn and devise their own board and train activity at their residence.

2. Three-Week Board and Train Program

In this 3 week's program, we accept dogs with higher aggression levels and dogs who need behavioral corrections. The whole 3 weeks will be focused on on-leash and off-leash training. Your dog will be picked up from your residence and will be taken to Primal Needs Behavioral Solutions estate in Mount Shasta, CA. 

The training provided will include one-on-one working with your dog, aiming to change your dog's mindset. This program aims to train your dog to maintain a calm and balanced behavior and help develop a natural relationship between a human and a dog.

3. Combination Program

This program is the most popular and vouched for dog training in Sacramento. It fuses both the above-listed programs and gives out a unique amalgamated program. This program runs for 3 weeks and will involve all the training activities included in the other two programs.


A dog is a living being, and we have to take care of its behavioral and medical attributes. Be it a puppy or an adult dog, training is essential to protect your face value and the safety of your furry friend. Primal Needs Behavioral Solutions provides the best dog training in Sacramento for puppies and aged dogs alike.

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